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Tiny Labs has grown over the past year and we’d also like to grow our team. 

We are really excited for the year to come and look forward to telling you about it in the interview.

We are a small and mighty team doing something new and we can’t wait for the right person to join it.

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Education Program Leader


  • You have experience with Early Childhood, you might be a homeschooling mom yourself, or an educator with early childhood experience

  • 2-3 years of experience managing a team, you are able to describe your coaching philosophy

  • You are detail-oriented and have experience explaining educational concepts and pedagogies to a range of backgrounds, parents, aunties, and even kids

  • You have a progressive orientation towards learning, familiar with Forest School, Regio Emilia, Montessori, and can talk about the pros and cons, and your own preferences

  • You are excited about building back better, you know how hard the past two years have been, but you’re interested in addressing the needs of parents and children in new ways

Roles and Responsibilities

  • This role is responsible for onboarding and supporting new teachers, and ensuring that classes meet the tiny labs standard.

  • Working with and giving feedback to teachers and non-educators dedicated to building and creating materials that support our classes. Guiding the team towards a unified vision, and supporting creatives as they work alongside educators and parents. 

  • Coordinating with the operations team to ensure that classes are available, full and that parents questions and concerns are responded to with accuracy and kindness

  • Managing innovative projects that help design what the future of early childhood education will look like - includes supporting partnerships, and building your own, we would like to hear your voice and see you reflected in your work

  • The role reports directly to the co-founders. Over time we would like to transform this role into a co-owner as well. Dreaming with the team to shape Tiny Labs, and make sure it is firmly connected to the needs of parents and children. 

How to apply:

  • ​Send your curriculum vitae/resume at or fill out the form below

  • Preferred start date, End of March 2022 at the latest, with the ability to begin on small projects part-time

  • The process consists of 3 interviews:

          - an initial screen;

          - a secondary interview with the co-founders;

          - and a final round table with the team

Online Preschool Teacher


  • Experience teaching in early childhood levels, in-person and virtual

  • Ability to commit to a minimum of 4 online classes a month or roughly 8-10 classroom hours a week

  • A play-based and progressive approach to learning 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • ​Provide age-appropriate classroom instruction and leadership on assigned teaching days

  • Manage the classroom in a manner that promotes a productive and warm learning environment

  • Maintain regular communications with Tiny Labs' education associate

  • Provide a class flow and outline of the materials that will be used in the class

  • Provide a teacher’s note to parents after every class to highlight what happened that day and reminders for taking homework

  • Prepare class-related worksheets/visuals, as needed


  • Tiny Labs offers a Learning Stipend;

  • a Wellness Stipend;

  • and Health Benefits to full-time employees

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