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Where Learning is Play

Where Learning is Like Play

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Learning happens outside school and it starts early. Explore tools and toys we built for parents and young children.


School can be relevant, exciting, and teachers don't need to be tired at the end of the day. We're creating tools and systems to support teachers in classrooms across the globe.


Learning happens with others. We work with partners who create fun and engaging tools for homes, schools, and, yes, homeschools! 


“iQube is my favorite of the circuit-building toys. The lessons are well-built, and are related to real-world problem solving. I really love that the lessons are open-ended, instead of allowing the player to blindly copy circuits to achieve results for reasons they likely do not grasp, which many of the other circuit building toys rely on.”

 - STEM experts on revamped IQube content,

Here are a few pictures from a recent trip to Cambodia where we worked with local partners and a NYC based Foundation Phoenix International, to build a hands on science curriculum linked to national standards. 


Hear teachers share their hard won lessons from the classroom and nominate a teacher to highlight their story.

Teeny Tiny Labs

Learning starts at home and before kindergarten. Learn more about our kits for kids and infants at home.

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Teacher Labs

Join a community of teachers learning from each other, and stories and lessons shared. 

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Hands On Curriculum

We're building a hands on science curriculum for schools in Cambodia. If you'd like to localize the curriculum for your school or partner with us.

Some of Our Collaborators and Clients


Sue Beaudreau

Over 30 years teaching Science and project based learning and informing and building curriculum in California and in the UK. 

Sue curates and 


Joshua dela Lana

CEO of IQube and inventor of Tactiles

Joshua comes from an engineering and technical background and worked to develop V1 and V2 of Tactiles with the Tiny Labs team

Samantha Xiao .jpg

Samantha Xiao

Samantha is a multi hyphinate. She is the CEO of a NYC based Jewelry line and Director of the Phoenix foundation. She leads international health and education initiatives in China, the Philippines and most notably, Cambodia. 

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