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At Tiny Labs, we value JOY, COURAGE and LOVE FOR LEARNING.

 We help children understand  that they can find happiness everywhere, that they are capable of doing things with varying levels of difficulty and that learning happens anywhere, all the time.


Tiny Labs builds and designs educational experiences for students ages 1.5-5 years old.

Online Class

Tiny Labs Homeschool

Tiny Labs

Parent-facilitated program

Play-based curriculum


12 months worth of lessons and activities

Learning support

Homeschool community

Teacher-facilitated classes

Play-based curriculum

2x a week virtual sessions

Take-away activities

10 months of virtual classes

Option to attend in-person playdates

Learning Support

School community


for 12 months

for 10 + 2 months


Available in quarterly and annual payments

Available in monthly, quarterly and annual payments

How to enroll

  • Select your chosen program

  • Complete registration form

  • Choose between 3 payment methods

  • Email proof of payment to

  • Wait for confirmation email, welcome letter and program details

  • Get added to your child's program/class viber group


Frazy Cruz

"we are so happy to enroll Lia with you. She learned a lot and work on her own with minimal supervision now. She became more confident too. Thank you!"
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