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Resilience is a skill that can be learned.

We've launched a series of workshops that come with our workbook to help your child build a Growth Mindset intentionally. 

I Can Do Anything Series

I Can Do Anything Series


Monthly Packages

Printed Growth Mindset Workbook

Printed Growth Mindset Workbook

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Kinderlabs Monthly Classes

Kinderlabs Monthly Classes



Each class uses accessible materials around your home and transforms it into an opportunity for open ended learning, discovery and play. 

Small groups allow the teacher to comment on specific work, respond to questions and create and interactive, engaging and real time experiences with classmates. 


1:1 Attention

It's hard for young kids to learn independently from video alone. Each class offers individual support and interaction in groups where students can say hello to their classmates.

Continuous Activities

We help kids get started and set up, our classes include stories, art, games, role play and sometimes even movement.  They leave every activity with something they can continue to do on their own. 

 Always affordable

Tiny Labs grew out of a non profit committed to serve rural and under resourced communities. Our goal is to make high quality learning accessible to as many parents as possible. 

Standard packages are best when you want to see if a virtual classroom is best for your child. Annual classes are no longer available but you can subscribe to 

a monthly class.

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Tiny Labs builds and designs educational experiences for students aged 0-12

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